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Somebody asked me about an AP course from 2 years ago. I responded "IB bro". They replied with "Damn your smartness!" And I walked away with a smile.

Yeah, show them how IBers roll, ;D

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Attention IB'ers!
I know that a ton of us are gonna start applying to college soon, so I though I'd share with you this website called College Thrive that has been super helpful in giving me info on college life and getting into college. Hope it helps! :)

wow this is really late also, but apparently this is helpful! 

Can I put ” ‘kaythanksbye ” on the back of my physics lab report or no?

I really want to …

Plus you guys, send me IB-related embarrassing/funny/sad/??? stories! I need to procrastinate more!

Hey guys,

TIBM is starting up again!

Send me lots and lots of submissions, but this time you can also send me your personal experiences (embarrassing, funny, etc) with the IB.

*p.s.: I entered the IB yesterday. I’m nervous. 

gonnaletthelightshine asked:
What do you mean? All Pre-IBs have had at least ONE AP Exam. AP Government. And Pre-IB 10th graders took the AP European History Exam. Some of us even took the AP Language and Composition Exam. So how have you never taken an AP Test? O.o

I don’t know, I just didn’t. The only thing ever CLOSE to an IB/AP/whatever exam I took was my french finals, which was an SL exam instead of AB initio.

In addition, I never took government. I take government next year as a junior.

gonnaletthelightshine asked:
What about AP scores? Do you know when they come out?!

Sorry, I don’t do AP’s. D:

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I've had 82%

I'm fucking proud man :)

nice! :]]

That awkward moment when you go on facebook and your news feed is covered with IB scores.

So, how did it go, you guys?

+ It’d be nice to have suggestions, too. My ask has been empty for a while now…

IB result comes out this Wednesday, 2:30 PM EST, right? (feel free to correct me)

I, and so many other people are here for you graduates if you guys needed any support. :] Not that I’m implying anything, you know. You guys probably did great!